UI Goes Modular Sound Library


Do modular synthesizers dream of UI sounds?
Sure, and to prove it I’ve created this small but rich sound library entirely made with VCV Rack, an amazing open-source virtual modular synthesizer.

The library contains 207 sounds, from digital bubble buttons to more arcade-retrofuturism-nostalgic-8Bit clicks and whooshes.

If you found it useful for your projects and you want to contribute the price is up to you: https://www.paypal.me/francescoameglio
Download link: GD link

All sounds are 24bit/48Khz and mastered at -20dbLUFS.

Hope you’ll enjoy it and feel free to write me for any suggestions.

To give you a glimpse of how it sounds I made a short resound design of the Pokémon GO UI using only sfx from UI Goes Modular.

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