LOPS2274In few words I’m a sound explorer.

I’m interested in investigating what’s in between sound, space and image and how to combine these elements to reveal meaningful stories.

I work as sound designer and sound engineer for videogames and interactive media. During the night I do music under the name of Guybrush and I build weird tools to make noise.

As a sound designer I firmly believe each project should have its own unique and fresh sonic identitly built it upon experimental approaches and original materials.

Inspired by artists such as James Turrell, David Lynch, Bernard Parmegiani and David Foster Wallace.


Of course it is not easy to get out of your own material, and it can be painful; there is an insecurity aspect to it. This actually is probably the most experimental level. When do you think real innovation and experimentation are happening? Probably when people are insecure, probably when people are in a situation very new to them and when they are a bit uncertain and afraid. That is where people have to push themselves. People are innovative when they are outside of their warm shit, outside of the familiar and comfortable… I don’t know exactly what I want, but I do know exactly what I do not want.

(Radu Malfatti)

Feel free to contact me at ameglio.francesco@gmail.com with any questions or just to say hi!

Thanks for visiting.



Chess: moonpalace90

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