This track is the outcome of one week residence I did at the Worm Studio in Rotterdam during June 2015.
The piece is divided in 4 parts, each of them is based on 4 different hand-drawn graphic scores of the project Framework, designed and conceived by the electronic musician and composer Mads Emil Nielsen.

For this piece I’ve chosen the score number 2, 3, 7 and 14.
Each fragment lasts roughly 2.30 minutes.
All the sounds are made by analog synthesizers such as ARP 2500, ARP 2600, EMS VCS3.
There’s no DSP of any kind.

Miromesnil is a metro station in Paris.

If you would like to download the scores you can simply go here: arbitraryproject.com/framework

Special thanks to Mads for his inspiring work on Arbitrary.


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