Le Fermate Invisibili


Track selected for the Benjamin festival.
Benjamin is a sound art festival at the tramway stops in Florence, Italy. For four days, between one service announcement and another, soundart will take over the tramway speakers and the travelers, urban commuters, residents and visitors, will become audience. The goal is to bring the travelers, the commuters, to a surprising elsewhere, to let them experience even just for brief moments other places: new, far away, real or imaginary…sonic travels to other panoramas than those they can see at the tramway stops.

“Le Fermate Invisibili” is a brief sonic experience that tries to offer an alterative to those moments now filled by the scrolling of a ceaseless virtual wall.
More and more we’re losing the concept of the “elsewhere” and the ability to daydream without necessarily staring at the screen of our phones. Let the mind wandering around with no notion of time increases creativity and sparks reflections on the real world and what surrounds us.
“Le Fermate Invisibile” is an homage to Calvino and his seminal book “Le Città Invisibili”. People waiting at the tramway stop will turn into Marco Polo and for few minutes they will have the chance to open doors on imaginary and utopian spaces, a break from the treadmill, a multifaceted journey that it will inexorably start over. The stops don’t exist if not in the listener’s imagination.

Bnejamin is curated and organized by Radio Papesse


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