Incandenza is my second ep under the name of Guybrush on SØVN records. After published That is not what I meant at all in 2015 I’ve started composing this work between Paris and Montreal.

This ep isn’t something to consider as a whole but rather a multitude of point of views. I image myself as a composer and a listener walking on a corridor with a lot of windows. Each window overlooks on a different landscape with its own peculiar objects. You’ll never know exactly what’s out there, they’re just glimpses of uncertainty.
Incandenza is the outcome of a fragmented travel where things don’t have to be necessarily related, it’s a collage of different genres and hasty composing decisions.

Tha packaging for this release has been designed and crafted by the forward-looking designer and artist Le Kutsch (already involved for the MYMK’s concrete box). It’s a foam square that has been cut to obtain 27 boxes with irregular shapes. Each of it contains the cassette and a booklet. Once all the tapes will be gone some parts of the initial square will remain, like a sort of footprint left by the time.

Incandenza is an homage to Hal and James O. Incandenza and to all the people at the Enfield Tennis Academy

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