Something Extremely Light

I’ve composed the tracks for ‘Something Extremely Light’ between January and August 2019, while I was living in Madrid. I had to move there because of job; a temporary situation, but it still took me far away from my family and beloved for 8 months. Living in this big city, I felt extremely lonely, even though I never experienced this loneliness as negative nor positive. It was more like a limbo where things were suspended and gently offered me a new way to interpret what was happening around me. I’ve tried to translate this feeling into music, using textures as still frames of my daily life in the city. I walked everyday for an hour to get to the work place, and I think most of the ideas for ‘Something Extremely Light’ came to me during those walks in the Madrid suburbs. The buildings, the streets and even the sky appeared motionless, but it wasn’t sad or nostalgic, I’d say more like a solitary moment of contemplation. ‘Something Extremely Light’ became a way to explain to myself what it means to be living away from your so called home, and what really matters at the end of the day, spent in a place that doesn’t belong to you.

Released on Esc.rec.
Limited edition tapes (it’s actually sold out on the label’s store but I still have some copies, if you’re interested just drop me an email).

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